“Is there any point in wondering why, any point in wondering why”

There is an issue in the church that has to do with a lack of boundaries. You’ll probably find it in most churches, and it is an epidemic that could very easily wipe out any church population. The main crisis at hand is the fact that the church does not function as it should. What needs to happen is everyone should contribute…on their own free will. 

What I mean by this is that there are certain gifts bestowed upon each person, however not every person actively uses his or her gift. Because of this, those that have graciously given of themselves are left with the burden of all of the responsibilities of the church. 90% percent of church-goers are suddenly relying on the remaining 10% to get everything done. Unfortunately, there are countless consequences of this effect. 

Some of these may include – an over dependence on a small portion of the church yields less work, those doing all of the work are burned out, those not contributing feel outside of their own church, and people are easily taken advantage of.

I’m only going to rant about one of the consequences, but please note that there are several. People get taken advantage of – at church. Imagine! Is saying no to someone at church being selfish? The answer is no, yet people are constantly feeling the pressure and suddenly in over their head. Volunteer yourself, don’t drag me into this. 

Then the trust is broken. Awkwardness at church. It is no longer a safe haven or place of worship, but rather feels like somewhere to avoid. It is such an awful set-up. There needs to be a lesson on saying, “No” or “I have enough on my plate right now.” But more importantly, there needs to be the kindness from those cornering others…maybe no more cornering? 

So much babble for an issue that will never be resolved. If nothing else, it needs to be recognized. 

Lyrics from Another Little Hole by Aqualung.


One response to ““Is there any point in wondering why, any point in wondering why”

  1. true that. i miss you woman when will I go to Ames?

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